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About Us

Our story

A life long conservationist, Chuck Nelson, has been practicing quality deer management for the last 40 years. Our passion for growing quality whitetails has grown into a prized establishment. With over 250 acres we've built a standard practice foundation for quality deer management. We've been in the business since 2008 providing a legacy for future generations to come. 

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Company Vision

We look forward to growing a superior genetic line of non-typical and typical trophy whitetail deer, providing an experience that the whole family can enjoy from generations to come, and meeting each customers expectations with satisfactory by the time they leave our hunting preserve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a challenging but natural hunting experience to hunters and huntresses on our hunting reserve. We do this by practicing quality deer management, breeding with the top genetics in the industry to provide typical and non-typical trophy whitetails, and providing an experience that the whole family can share.


Meet The Team


Chuck Nelson



Vanessa Nelson

Facility Manager


Phone: (920)-573-4597

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