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Score @ 3: 319 7/8"

31" I.S.

29 2/8" Left Main Beam

30 6/8" Right Main Beam

16" Left T-2

13 1/8" Right T-2

11 4/8" Left T-3

14" Right T-3

Score  @ 4: 397 3/8"

32" I.S.

11 3/8" Left T-1

11 2/8" Right T-1

29 7/8" Left Main Beam

32 4/8" Right Main Beam

Looking to breed bigger yearlings and 2 year olds? Then Zeus is your man! Zeus produces a giant frame and tall tines every year. He consistently increases frame size with any doe he is crossed with. His tine length and massive frame are the trademark of his progeny. Every year, RCR's biggest yearlings bucks are Zeus' sons, and they are quickly becoming the favorites in our breeding program. View his offspring below and see for yourself the proven genetics of RCR's favorite breeder buck.

Semen: $5,000/straw - conventional


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