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Pricing may vary. View bucks below or contact us today!

Stocker Bucks

Price dependent on score, age and pedigree

Stocker Does

Price dependent on age & pedigree

Why Us?

Looking to produce big, beautiful, high-value whitetails? Rush Canyon Ranch has the names and the frames you are looking for. We breed with the deer industry's top genetics to produce high-quality typical and non-typical whitetails. Our foundation herd was created out of both Lonehollow Whitetails & S&S Whitetails genetics, and outcrosses with some of the biggest, baddest bloodlines on the market. You'll find names like Blackjack, Horse Power, Triple Crown, Freeze Frame, Landmark, Big Jake, Express, Texas Tea, King George, Reno and Gladiator at the forefront of our pedigrees. When you make an investment in quality genetics, you get quality frames in return. Invest in your herd today! And let the results speak for themselves.

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